Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs


Do I really need to say much else? Love triangles can be done well, but they just aren’t most of the time and, frankly, it’s easy to get sick of them at this point. It sounds like love triangles in real life are a lot more stressful than ego-boosting, and since plenty of girls reading books are probably just hoping to have one guy or girl notice them, let alone two, it’s kind of irritating. Plus, the boys seem to mainly be separated into the “bad boy” and the “good guy,” which I’ll address…

…now! We get it, bad boys are in and the good boy next door mostly exists to show that the protagonist is desirable and to allow for romantic tension. This is mostly related to the love triangle issue, so it’s just one more reason I dislike love triangles. Good guys can be valid romantic options, and the fact that the boys aren’t mysterious doesn’t mean that they’re automatically “good guys.” No more bad boys/slightly less bad boys.

I can’t remember it at the moment, but I know that there’s one cheating couple in a book I’ve read or a TV show I’ve seen or something that didn’t bother me. Why am I mentioning this? That would be because I think it’s the only time that cheating, full-blown cheating, hasn’t gotten on my nerves. And when I say full-blown cheating, I mean that one or both parties involved is in a real relationship, and they at least kiss someone else.  It ticks me off, especially how women often seem to be the ones viewed as the bad party even if both parties are responsible.

Anyway… cheating = bad in my book.

Now, outgoing best friends are not bad. But having an intensely shy and “pure” MC paired with a very outgoing, much more sexual and knowledgeable best friend, especially when it seems like they shouldn’t actually be friends because they’re so darn different, is just really annoying. Come on, MCs don’t have to be wallflowers and their best friends don’t have to be the “slutty” one in order to make the MC even more pure and virginal.


Judgmental main characters tend to slutshame, so this goes with the previous thing. Also, they tend to girl shame. Being a girl or being sexual does not mean that these characters are worthy of the pure, perfect MC’s scorn!

I love mythology, so I like seeing them in books. However, I do not like seeing mythology get mangled, and this often seems to be the case in YA books. Myths do not exist for you to make your romances seem more interesting! And the gods are really freaking screwed up – stop trying to clean them up to make them into romantic interests!

I like romance; in fact, I often feel like the only person who doesn’t mind that just about every YA has romance in some way. However, I don’t want romance to take over the story. Even when I’m reading a contemporary book, which seems like it can have a bigger focus on romance, I don’t want the romance to be the only thing in the book. If I want pure romance, I’ll read fan fiction (I know, I could read actual romances, but I think I like romances better when I know the characters already).

We get it, you like your protagonists, authors. I mean, I love all the characters I’ve created and write about as well. However, that doesn’t mean that your character is perfect. In fact, it’s much better if your character isn’t perfect. When they’re perfect, it’s really annoying. No one is perfect – your MC certainly shouldn’t be.

This mainly came to me after reading This Lullaby. I liked the love interest, but he was very pushy. The MC made it clear that she wasn’t interested, but he kept going after her. Sure, you can tell that he’s still a nice guy and doesn’t realize that this is a problem, but if we let “good guys” get away with this, then not so good guys that don’t realize they aren’t good guys might try, and then more and more. So, basically, this seems too much like a possible precursor to rape culture.


2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

    1. Yeah, it’s even more of a problem for me because it makes it clear that the protagonist is very timid and the “good girl” who just does everything that everyone else tells her to do – being confident and able to decide things for yourself is not a bad thing! In fact, I feel like we should have more characters like that to make it clear to the younger readers that they should stand up for themselves and not depend on a pushy friend.

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