All the Books (61)




I’m finally reading Vampire Academy! As I write this, I haven’t started it, but I will have started it by the time this post goes up (right now, it’s Saturday night, so this will be posted in a few hours). There’s a lot of hype for this book, so I’m kind of worried but also prepared to at least read through the second book to see how I like things.


Ruby4 ArtofWishing TouchofPower Infinityglass

I finally finished my first reread of the Ruby Oliver books, and that made me quite happy for the week or so that it lasted. Until next year, books!

The Art of Wishing was another 2013 debut, but unfortunately I didn’t like it as much as I was hoping. It was a decent enough debut, but things went slightly downhill for me after a fairly promising start. This is a trilogy, I believe, so I might check out the sequel if I hear enough good things about it.

It was great reading another Maria V. Snyder book! This is a similar fantasy trilogy, but it’s a completely different world from her Study trilogy, at least as far as I can tell so far. I had some small issues with this book, but they were very small and really paled in comparison with how much I was entertained by and interested in this book.

Infinityglass didn’t work out as well, unfortunately. This is the third (and last, I believe) book in the Hourglass series, and it was just too confusing and frankly not interesting enough for me to stick around. I quite enjoyed the first book, was kind of “meh” about the second, and just can’t be fully bothered with the third. It made me sad, but oh well. As you can probably tell, I plenty of other books that I’d like to read, so I don’t want to bother with all these other books that just don’t hold my interest.


StormGlass WhenYouWereHere

I haven’t been home yet, but ebooks are marvellous things, aren’t they? And, if you can’t tell, that’s my way of saying that the books that have strangely wandered onto this list are ebooks. And, if you already knew that, I just validated your guess! Aren’t I helpful?


HowToLove ScentofMagic TasteofDarkness

I hadn’t heard anything about this book until recently, but earlier this week I saw a blog post about it that finally made me read the summary and the author’s bio. I admit that the main reason I even bothered looking at the summary in the first place is because the bio mentioned that the author attended Catholic school for 13 years and now lives “in sin” with her boyfriend. Well, sounded like an interesting author to me, especially with her shared experience of Catholic school, so I checked out the summary – girl falls for guy, guy leaves girl after she gets pregnant, guy tries to come back into girl and girl’s daughter’s life three years later. Sounds like my kind of book!

And, of course, after enjoying Touch of Darkness so much, I pretty much had to add books #2 and #3 to my to-read shelf. I might even be able to get the ebook of the second book pretty quickly, if I remember correctly…



The cover for Huntley Fitzpatrick’s second book has a cover! Now, this is not the sequel to My Life Next Door – as far as I know, this is a standalone book with completely different characters and such. I don’t remember the full summary, but I do remember thinking it sounded cute and like another good summer read, perhaps while rereading My Life Next Door! I think I’d have to see this book cover in person to really know how I feel about it, but I do like the fact that it matches My Life next Door ad has the pretty water. With My Life Next Door, I didn’t realize there was a fence in the background until I looked very closely at it, so obviously I can miss things.


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