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Rereading the last Ruby Oliver book, and then it’s back to “new” books for a little while. I’m glad to see that I enjoyed these books just as much, and I even think I found myself relating to Ruby more than I remember.


Light ShimmerofAngels Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3

The last Gone book. I could make a joke about Gone being gone, but I won’t force you poor readers to read such a punny joke. Anyway, this was a pretty darn good ending to a brutal and depressing series that I could never handle if it were a TV show or movie. So much death and gore and heart-breaking scenes. This is not an easy dystopia or whatever you would categorize it as. Some characters that have been with us from the beginning don’t make it to the end (and if you think that’s a spoiler, you obviously haven’t read the books and realized how many people die and how un-spoiler-ish that is) and all of the characters end the book broken in some way. So, not a happy series, but a pretty powerful one that I don’t regret reading, even when it made me sad and disgusted.

I got about 10% into A Shimmer of Angels before I put it aside. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t interesting me enough to keep me going and it looked like the protagonist might start really getting on my nerves. Not to mention most of the reviews I’ve seen for it so far have been pretty unhappy with certain parts of it – I just didn’t feel like sticking around for the few good things among the boring and annoying bits. Life’s too short!

And then I happily reread Ruby Oliver, which needs no recap because if you’ve been on here regularly at all you know that I’m a bit obsessed with the books after reading them last year and have been anxiously awaiting a time when I could reread them. Needless to say, it’s going well.


ArtofWishing Infinityglass WhenYouWereHere

I have just library books left right now, and I’ll either starting rereading more of my books once I finish them or they’ll take long enough to last me to my next trip home, which will lead to another library trip. I figure I’ll probably get a little rereading in, but it depends on library ebooks as well. I’m excited for The Art of Wishing, but kind of nervous about Infinityglass and When You Were Here, so we’ll see how they go…



Now, I kind of hate the term “adorkable,” but this book does sound adorable and cute, along with that cover, so it sounds like a fun book to read in between heavier/less interesting books. I’ll just have to pretend that the title is actually Adorable or something else…


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