Summer 2013 Round-Up & Fall 2013 TBR

Time to recap the books from the previous TBR posts that I’ve read since the last recap, as well as a new batch of TBR books for Fall of 2013! I just posted a Top Ten Tuesday list of my Fall 2013 TBR list, but it had more new books on it than this list will, because this list will focus more on the books I think I can very possibly get my hands on without having to buy something.

Winter and Spring 2013: Books I Finally Read

UnravelMe SloppyFirsts MindGames GraveMercy

It would appear that I did not get around to many of the books I still wanted to read. Oh well. Unravel Me went well while I sadly discovered my dislike of Jessica Darling, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag here. Mind Games actually ended up going decently, which is a lot more than I expected, and Grave Mercy just wasn’t interesting me and I put it aside after I was about 14% of the way through. So, mixed bag indeed…

Summer 2013: The Books I Read

Wanderlove JustListen 9780142501559_ThisLullaby_CV.indd WildAwake Golden RulesForDisappearing

Much better! Over half of the books have since been read. This is a bit of a mixed bag as well, with a DNF book (Wanderlove), some new possible favorites (Golden and Just Listen), and some good but not great books (the rest). All in all, a pretty good summer.

Pre-Fall 2013: The Books I Still Need To Get To

EnchantedIvy BeforeIFall VampireAcademy LikeMandarin TheDisenchantments TigerEyes Outcast

Oh wow. Nine books, plus the ten I’m about to name for the fall; that’s a lot of books. Especially since I’m away at school and plan on rereading a lot of my own books! We’ll have to see how many of these books are still here come January or so – I’m quite worried that it’ll be a lot.

Fall 2013: The List

BetweentheDevilandtheDeepBlueSea UnitedWeSpy WheretheStarsStillShine ExtraordinarySecretsofAprilMayJune StormGlass RedPyramid SecondChanceSummer Amy&RogersEpicDetour ThroneofGlass OneMoment

Well, ten more books. Some of these are new releases, but most of them are older books that I have a much better chance of getting my hands on. The question is: how many of these nineteen books can I read this fall? I sure hope a lot but we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll think of some kind of reward for myself if I read half of them (and I’m going to count ten as half, since it’s an uneven number). Anyway, kind of scared for all of these books!


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