Literary Soirée (1)

I haven’t made a graphic for this possible new feature because I’m not sure if it’s going to be a regular thing or not, but I will if I decide to continue it. Anyway, this is kind of inspired by this post from Novel Sounds and mainly this post from Ode to Jo and Katniss. So, this isn’t my original idea, but I’m going to run with it.

I’m basically combining different elements of YA books into one singular book with plenty of great characters, plots, etc. So take a look at The Top of the Class (I know, lame title – I couldn’t think of something else on the spot! Feel free to come up with a better title in the comments)…

Oh, and be warned that there are slight spoilers about a secondary character from My Life Next Door, so avoid this if you don’t want anything spoiled.


The Setting: Themis Academy (The Mockingbirds – for some reason I didn’t have the first book cover saved, so you get the second because I didn’t feel like getting the first when I already has the second)

The Protagonist: Lola Nolan (Lola and the Boy Next Door – she would be an interesting person to see in the setting of Themis Academy, from the way she thinks to the way she acts)

The Supporting Cast: Saffy Casson, Ruby Cooper, and Jude Hernandez (Saffy’s Angel, Lock and Key, and The Book of Broken Hearts – I think this would be an interesting array of friends; Saffy is the brash and entertaining Brit, Ruby is the loyal but subdued friend unused to the wealth of her new school, and Jude is probably the scholarship student who treats her new friends as her extended family and says whatever she thinks; hmm, all of these characters are actually the type to say whatever they’re thinking, which will definitely make for an interesting book!)

The Love Interest: Cricket Bell (Lola and the Boy Next Door – I couldn’t split up Lola and Cricket, so they can get together in this world as well!)

The “Villain”: Nan Morris (My Life Next Door – since this is more of a contemporary book, there isn’t a villain per say, just an antagonist that’s a regular person; in this case, it’s the so-called friend from My Life Next Door, only now she’s taken her “villainy” to the next level)

The Plot: One of the smartest girls in the senior class at Themis Academy is no longer content being one of the top students – she wants to be the top student.

The Summary: Lola Nolan is still adjusting to life in Themis Academy, with her more subdued classmates and its odd system of underground justice that Lola thinks should be far above ground. Things are pretty good, though, with her incredible new friends and roommates and the cute but slightly nerdy guy that keeps popping up.

Things start to get weird when the top students in the senior class begin to get in trouble, though. Suddenly Lola’s classmates are being accused of cheating and plagiarism and sabotage left and right. Only a handful of high-GPA students seem to be immune, which means Lola has suddenly found herself with a case – otherwise her new “friend” Cricket may end up as a victim as well. Lola won’t be alone, though – it just means she’s the latest member of the Mockingbirds.

Doesn’t this sound like an interesting story? I guess I’ll just have to reread all of these books and imagine the characters and such all mingling in the same world. So, is anyone interested in me doing another one of these posts, perhaps with a paranormal setting but some contemporary characters mixed in? Or vice versa?


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