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Light ShimmerofAngels

I’m reading the last Gone book, which just came out this summer or spring but was near the top of my to-read shelf for some reason. It’s just as depressing and scary as the rest of the books, but it’s interesting and slightly addicting. Meanwhile, I’m reading a book on my Nook so that I can read it in between classes and such; right now, I’m reading A Shimmer of Angels, but I’m kind of worried about it because the reviews I’ve read aren’t too favourable. I’m only about a page or two in, though – I’ve mostly been reading Light.


ThatTimeIJoinedtheCircus MindGames GraveMercy MissPeregrinesHomeForPeculiarChildren SnowballEffect

Well, it looks like I read a lot this week, but some of them were DNFs…

Well, That Time didn’t go as I hoped. The first sixty or so pages made me want to DNF it, but I ended up skimming a good portion of the rest of the book and it was clear that I would probably enjoy that more, but I didn’t want to put up with some of the characters in large doses (namely, the MC Lexi), so I think skimming it probably made it more enjoyable. So, a bit of a disappointment for a book that I had semi-high hopes for.

I expected Mind Games to go just as badly after hearing such mixed (well, bad to mixed, not really anything good) things about it and taking my own declining interest in Kiersten White into account; so, I was a bit surprised when I enjoyed myself while reading it. I didn’t love it and Annie’s POV just irritated me most of the time, but when we saw things through Fia’s POV I was much more interested, in a mindless kind of way. It was fast and entertaining enough that I want to check out the sequel (which is why you’ll find it below, of course).

I actually started Grave Mercy while I was on vacation in July, but it wasn’t really interesting me and the ebook expired, so I decided to wait and try it again later. Well, I tried it and made it about 14% of the way in (which was around page 80) and decided that it just wasn’t the book for me. Things that were probably supposed to be funny or unimportant annoyed me and I just didn’t care about the main character at all. There are too many books I could be reading that I would like, so why should I force myself to read a really, really long book?

Miss Peregrine went much better; I wasn’t totally wowed by the end, but I was entertained the whole time and am quite excited to read (and look at!) the second book, which is currently slated to come out in January. Considering this book came out in 2011, that’s a much too big gap! Of course, he has to write the book and find pictures, so it makes sense, but still! I want my books and I want them now!

The Snowball Effect was another DNF – I only made it about 11 pages in before I got sick of the MC complaining about how weak her mother was – and this is the woman who just committed suicide. Either the book treated depression or suicide much too lightly and in bad taste – either way, this probably would have ended badly if I kept going.


Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3 Ruby4 ArtofWishing Infinityglass WhenYouWereHere

How are more books here?! Well, I’m finally going to reread the Ruby Oliver quartet, all of which I happily own, that’s how! And I got the chance to go to the library because of a surprise visit home and thus got some library books. But I plan on rereading Ruby first.


PerfectLies TouchofPower

Perfect Lies is, of course, on here because I surprisingly enjoyed the first book enough to check out the second. Touch of Power, meanwhile, is another Maria V. Snyder trilogy, well, it’s the first book in another trilogy anyway, and I saw so many good reviews that, considering my good luck with the Study trilogy and my plan to check out the companion trilogy, I might as well check out another fantasy trilogy from her since I seem to enjoy hers so much. Here’s to hoping I enjoy this one as well!


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