Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters


I tried to remember all the amazing secondary characters from these great books and series, but sometimes it’s been a while and I have trouble remembering names and secondary character names can be difficult to find occasionally, but I tried my hardest and you’re free to check out the book to find all these secondary characters! I should probably do that… Oh, and I don’t know what you consider “secondary characters,” but I mostly excluded the MC, love interest, and characters that barely show up.


This was my first Sarah Dessen book, and the first thing that caught my attention and made me a fan of her books was her secondary characters. I mean, I liked the protagonist and love interest, but it was the interesting and entertaining secondary characters, especially Delia and Kristy (boss and fellow employee at the catering company) that really caught my attention.


Another Sarah Dessen book, another round of secondary characters. I feel like secondary characters are what make or break a Sarah Dessen book for me at this point. The main reason I want to buy and reread this book is because I want to hang out with the interesting secondary characters again, from Ruby’s family to friends!


I was surprised by how much I liked this book, and the vivid and interesting secondary characters were just one of the many amazing things. I know I missed some other interesting secondary characters from the brothel that Willie owns, but it’s hard to find all the character’s names, gosh darn it! Anyway, great secondary characters and now I want to reread this book despite my aversion to historical books.


These books! I still need to reread them – I think I’ll finally get a chance to do that when I’m at school and can’t get to my local library easily. Anyway, Ruby isn’t the only amazing character – she’s surrounded by amazing people! Read about them! And maybe then I’ll stop using exclamation marks (yeah right)!


This is one of my favorite books ever. I love all the characters in it, including the various secondary characters. And no, there isn’t a random French character – Pierre is the dog. Why yes, I did include the dog as a secondary character. Because the dog is important and awesome, too!


This is Harry Potter – is explanation really necessary? All the characters are awesome, whether main characters, antagonists, or, in this case, secondary characters.


Just look at these interesting names, almost all of them good guys and one very entertaining bad guy. Doesn’t it make you want to pick up this delightfully sarcastic and interesting series?


Hands down, my favorite series from Meg Cabot, and funny secondary characters certainly help. Of course, it wouldn’t be nearly as good without Suze, but all these characters certainly help!


There aren’t nearly as many secondary characters in this book as all the other ones I’ve listed, but the ones that it does have are all quite interesting and certainly add to the story. Tori might not start off as a nice friend who wants to paint Chloe’s nails while gossiping with her, but she’s still one of my favorite characters in the book.


There are plenty of interesting secondary characters in both of Ally Carter’s series, but Gallagher Girls is the one I decided to focus on. Cammie has some great friends and teachers and family members and it’d be great to continue reading about some of them after the sixth and final book comes out next month (I think, anyway – sometime soon, anyway).


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Most Memorable Secondary Characters

  1. Hi Genevieve! From your list I’ve only read some of the Harry Potter books and I agree, they are all amazing!!! I’m very curious about Sarah Dessen, though. I think I’ll have to give her a chance. 🙂 Great list!

    1. I read all of Sarah Dessen’s books this summer (I’m currently reading her very last one, so I reached my goal of reading them all!) and my favorite books tended to be the ones where I LOVED the secondary characters. I wasn’t as big a fan of her earlier work because the secondary characters weren’t as interesting. So, if you prefer memorable and entertaining secondary characters as well, I suggest you try her later books. Hope you like them!

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