Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things That Make Your Life As A Reader/Book Blogger Easier



1. Notepad

I’ve seen many different methods that bloggers use for scheduling their blog posts ahead of time. I like using Notepad, which comes from with computers (well, PCs, I don’t know about Macs). It doesn’t have a built-in calendar or anything beyond a spot to type in, but I like using it. I plan each day out (although sometimes I don’t follow it), work on Top Ten Tuesday lists, and make other plans for this blog. It’s pretty low-tech, considering, but I really like using it.

2. WordPress: Post Scheduling

Before I moved to WordPress, I was on Livejournal – I don’t know if they have a scheduling feature, but I didn’t use it if they did, which means I had to write the posts up on the day of, which meant I often didn’t have posts on days I felt lazy and days I felt productive weren’t nearly as productive as they are now. I love the fact that I can save drafts of posts or have posts ready months in advance (I never have them that far in advance, but I could if I wanted to!), and I can’t imagine being so regular without the ability to schedule posts.

3. Goodreads

Come on, it’s Goodreads! This really should be #1, but these aren’t in any order, so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I don’t think Goodreads really need an explanation – it’s awesome, whether you’re a book blogger or not.

4. Libraries

Again, does this need an explanation? I mean, it’s free books! Sure, you have to return them on time or you have to pay a fine, but that’s much better than buying every book you read!

5. Nook

A Nook is really helpful when I’m at school and can get ebooks from my library without going home, plus it’s easier to tote around for school and vacation than a huge stack of books. Physical books will always win, though. Even if they don’t have games (such as Sudoku and crossword – yeah, I’m obviously a party animal, huh?)…

6. Barnes and Noble Membership

I used to have a Border membership (may it rest in peace), but now I’ve moved on to a Barnes and Noble membership, which means books are automatically a little cheaper and I get coupons every once in a while. Of course, just about every time I get a coupon, I just have to use it, which is why my mother says I’m a store’s dream, but as long as I get books, who cares? (OK, maybe my wallet cares, but I don’t buy nearly as many books as some people seem to)

7. Birthdays

My family doesn’t give me books much because they never know what I’m interested in, but I do get plenty of bookstore gift cards, which is probably better since no one is going to know what I want to read more than I do!

8. Other Book Blogs

Seriously, I would miss out on so many books (and wouldn’t skip so many more) if I didn’t read other book blogs. I loves reading them and seeing these awesome people who love books just as much as I do. I feel like I’m slowly starting to put myself out there in the blogosphere and I can’t wait to get to know people better.


This is the free graphics program that I use. It’s like Photoshop-lite, without some of the cool stuff you can do with PS, but since it’s free and still has so much, I’m happy with it. And Da Font and other free font websites should go with this – I am obsessed with fonts, especially handwriting-esque fonts, if you can’t tell.

10. Twitter

I’ve just starting using Twitter for my blog in the past few months, and even though I don’t think it brings a lot of attention to my blog, it’s interesting to see the tweets of other bloggers and you can learn about interesting things through publisher’s Twitter accounts.


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