All the Books (51)


(I’m doing this on Monday instead because I just got back home yesterday and I decided I had spent enough time in a car to get a break and put this up a day later and thus get the chance to write new reviews later)


TheGirlIsMurder LucyVariations CharmedThirds

I know, I know, I’m still reading Charmed Thirds – I kind of ignored it most of this week in favor of other books. It also didn’t help that my Nook wasn’t always charged up and my sister was reading an ebook on it as well, so I didn’t always get the chance to read when I wanted to (although that was pretty rare – I know, I should just give up on the series but there’s always something that makes me kind of sort of want to continue).

The Girl is Murder is a big deal to me because it wasn’t a book from my to-read shelf. This is the first time in a while that I picked up and checked out a book (and its sequel) at the library that I 1) wasn’t planning on reading, and 2), by far the bigger deal, hadn’t even heard of. Big step for me (or big step down, since it just made my to-read list slightly longer). I’m about a fourth or a third of the way done and I’m quite enjoying it, which is always nice.

I’m also working on the latest Sara Zarr book, this time about a former piano prodigy. I’m taking it kind of slow, but I am enjoying it so far.


UnravelMe TigerLily SiegeandStorm BookofBrokenHearts Wanderlove JustListen

Eh, didn’t do as well as I hoped for spending way too much time stuck in the family car this past week, but not bad. Unravel Me, Tiger Lily, Siege and Storm, and The Book of Broken Hearts all ended up being 4 star reads for me, which is quite good; Wanderlove unfortunately ended up being a DNF for me – it wasn’t bad, I just wasn’t interested in it and finally decided that it just wasn’t the book for me and it was time to move on; and Just Listen has luckily proven to me that I haven’t read all of the really good Sarah Dessen books and ended up being a 4.5 star read. So, all in all, not a bad reading week.


GraveMercy LikeMandarin Scarlet MindGames SavageBlue NantucketBlue TheGirlIsTrouble IfIShouldDie DistanceBetweenUs

Argh, still so many books to read. Some of these books have actually expired (they were due back sometime during the week I was gone, but they’re ebooks so I technically still have them on my rarely-connected-to-the-internet Nook), but I’m keeping them on this list in case I still try to finish them in the next week or so, so some of these books may disappear simply because I didn’t get to them this time around. My physical stack of book has gotten much smaller, though, which is always nice!


(none – I would be proud of myself, but I know it’s just because I haven’t had secure internet connections for a week)


(none – I also expected to come back home to plenty of nice, new covers, but alas that didn’t seem to happen)


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