Book Blogger Confessions (2)


Time for another book blogging confession, this time involving names:

I think it’s really weird when I see a character in a book that has my name (my real name, that is – when I see a Lia in books, I actually really like it, unless the character annoys me, such as in Prophecy of the Sisters).

Maybe it’s because I rarely see my name in books. Maybe it’s because I’ve had some less-than-awesome experiences with characters that have my name (actually, I can only think of two instances where I see characters with my name, and only one bothered me). OK, it’s actually both, but whatever.

The first time I saw a character with my name, it was actually a dog in a children’s book series that I really liked (and kind of want to reread now). You would think this might be a bit insulting, but it actually wasn’t – I was a little kid and I was just excited to see anyone, even a dog, that shared my name in a book.

The older I got, the less I needed to see and read about other people with my name. I became used to being the only person around with my name, and when I did encounter other people with my name (such as a random stranger at the airport), it was just weird. I even saw a Jeopardy episode with a contestant with my name and it really threw me off because everytime they said her name I thought they were talking to me and it really confused me.

I’ve spent my whole life rarely hearing my name without it being directed at me, so just seeing it in a book or on a television show can really throw me. I don’t get thrown if I come across a character or another person with my sister’s name or parents or cousins or friends, but I still find it really weird when it’s my name.

Some people might be drawn to books that have main characters with their names, but I am not one of those people. The few characters with my name have been secondary and background characters, so seeing a main character with my name would probably make me run as far away in the opposite direction as possible.


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