Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors that Deserve More Recognition


I’ve been a fan of Deb Caletti since I read Stay and have enjoyed about half of her earlier books; I’ve heard other bloggers talk about her, but I don’t think her books get the same kind of recognition that other big contemporary authors do, such as the similar Sarah Dessen.

Some of my favorite books from her:

Stay HoneyBabySweetheart SecretLifeofPrinceCharming

A lot of book bloggers are obsessed with the Ruby Oliver books, as well as standalone The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks – which I unfortunately didn’t enjoy as much – but I never heard about her books before I started blogging. I want to have real life friends who I can gush over these books with, but I feel kind of silly just bringing up the books because of their titles for fear that people will instantly look down on them as “girl books that are unimportant to anyone over the age of 12,” which they certainly aren’t.

Some of my favorite books from her:

Ruby1 Ruby2 Ruby3 Ruby4

I heard about his series, Skulduggery Pleasant on a book blog, but it’s yet another amazing and hilarious and awesome series that I never hear my friends talking about and that they might judge based on its unusual series name and the fact that the covers all involve a skeleton.

Some of my favorite books from him:

Skulduggery1 Skulduggery2 Skulduggery3 Skulduggery4 Skulduggery5 Skulduggery6

I’ve only read one book from her (I don’t even know if she has other books), but it’s an amazing book that I think middle grade, young adult, and adult readers should all read and enjoy. So, why haven’t I heard more people talk about it? It’s such a cool and open-for-any-age-group book, it should definitely get more recognition. Oh, and its author, too, of course.

My favorite from her:


I don’t think this author has written more than two books, which is quite sad, because I really enjoyed her first book (the second one was enjoyable enough, but her first is my favorite). It’s a fun and fluffy book that just doesn’t get enough recognition, and I think that keeps the author from getting more recognition (she can’t even go by her full last name because it’s very long and hard to remember and would probably make it even harder for short-attention-spanned readers to remember – I don’t even remember the last name and I like to think of myself as more than a casual reader).

My favorite from her:


She hasn’t had a book out recently and I wasn’t as big a fan of her standalone fairy book as I was her paranormal trilogy, but when she does have another book I hope it gets more attention than her older books have. And, if you’re interested in reading many racism- and sexism-focused Tweets, you should check out her Twitter account, where this topics often come up.

Some of my favorites from her:

MagicorMadness MagicLessons MagicsChild

I’ve only read her first book so far, but it was such a fun debut and I was surprised that I had barely heard anything about it before happening upon one positive review. I’ve heard a bit more buzz for her second book, but still not nearly as much as she seems to deserve based on her first book.

My favorite from her:


I really enjoyed her earlier books (I haven’t checked out her latest, so I don’t know whether I would enjoy them or not) and think they’re nice, fluffy reads to enjoy on the beach or while relaxing at home. Her books, especially her Hollywood Secrets series, aren’t serious or out to look at deep issues, but not all books need to do that anyway. Sometimes you just need a fun book to read.

Some of my favorites from her:

SleepawayGirls Secrets1 Secrets2 Secrets3 Secrets4 Secrets5 Secrets6

I’ve really enjoyed her two-book paranormal series and standalone ghost book, and while they’ve gotten some attention on book blogs, they aren’t buzzed about nearly as much as other paranormal books, which is quite a shame. Maybe her future books will get more attention…

Some of my favorites from her:

Clarity Perception DeadandBuried

She hasn’t written anything since her magical and great trilogy, but she definitely needs more recognition for her future and past books alike. Maybe if she gets more attention then she’ll write faster!

Some of my favorites from her:

EyesLikeStars PerchancetoDream SoSilverBright


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