All the Books (50)


(unimportant, but FIFTY ALL THE BOOKS!)


UnravelMe Wanderlove CharmedThirds

Yep, I’m reading a lot of books, but as you saw yesterday, I am probably currently in the car as you read this and need plenty to read. Unravel Me is starting to get interesting, although Juliette seems a bit whinier than I remember her; I’ve just barely started Wanderlove, so I’m not far enough to know whether I’ll enjoy it or not, but so far so good; and yes, I am continuing with the Jessica Darling series, and I’m oh so happy to see that Jessica still seems pretty judgmental despite her college wisdom (please disappear as I get farther along!).


SecondHelpings NightmareAffair

Wow, Jessica managed to remain just as judgmental as before and some of the progress she made at the end of the first book seemed to disappear during this book. Luckily for me, this book made me like Marcus Flutie more, the love interest that didn’t really catch my attention in the first book yet seems to be everyone’s literary boyfriend obsession (well, one of them). In general, this book improved (slightly) from the first book and has led me to continue with the third book, as you’ve already seen.

Another debut, and luckily this was more on par with my first debut, Pivot Point – it didn’t blow me away, but I did quite enjoy it for the most part. A bit predictable in parts, but I plan on checking out its sequel.


GraveMercy TigerLily LikeMandarin SavageBlue SiegeandStorm LucyVariations JustListen BookofBrokenHearts IfIShouldDie Scarlet NantucketBlue TheGirlIsMurder TheGirlIsTrouble MindGames DistanceBetweenUs

Well… I added more. I am going to be very busy while stuck in the car for hours, aren’t I?


 NightmareDilemma CasualVacany ThroneofGlass

The sequel to the decent The Nightmare Affair was quickly added once I finished the first book; I’ve been planning on checking out J.K. Rowling’s first non-Harry Potter book for a while, but I never bothered to stick it on Goodreads – now it feels more official and I’m more liking to actually take the plunge; I’ve been hearing so many people raving about this book and its upcoming sequel, so I figured I might as well check it out (btw, this is the redesign cover, which looks a lot different from the first book but matches the second book, and we all know that I can’t stand it when covers don’t match).


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