Gone Fishing (Well, Driving Anyway)


Starting today, I will be spending the next week and a day either in the car, touring colleges (for my little sisters – quite scary), or doing other touristy things with my family as we spend our vacation not at the beach, but doing our own unofficial college tour along the Eastern coast. I’m doing my best to get all the posts ready for the whole week, but considering I missed a post this past week while I was still at home (I’ve had a bunch of annoying headaches this week, so I’m blaming it on them), no promises.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get on the internet a lot or at all, so it’s probably going to be pretty quiet other than new posts (hopefully) every day. If I do get the internet, I’ll probably go on Goodreads instead, since I probably won’t always have a lot of time, so if I’m active anywhere, it’ll be there. If there are any comments, I’ll probably answer them on Monday (we’re getting back some unknown time next Sunday).

Enjoy your week, whether it’s at home, at the beach, at the North Pole (hey, seems like a good opposite for the warm beach), or in the car – I plan on spending most of my week reading from the huge stack I’ve accumulated from the library in preparation for this (mostly car) trip!


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