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NightmareAffair SecondHelpings

A debut! And, better yet, a debut that I’m quite enjoying so far! It’s a nice supernatural break after reading plenty of (good and bad, not all bad of course) contemporary books. I’m also trying the second book in the Jessica Darling series, which will hopefully end up working out a lot better for me than the first book. I’m enternally hopeful (actually, I’m really not, so I’m surprised that I’m giving the second book a chance, although it is because I read a more favorable review for it)!


SloppyFirsts 9780142401750_Dreamland_CV.indd 9780142501559_ThisLullaby_CV.indd

This week has kind of been disappointing for me. I finally read the much-beloved-in-the-YA-community Sloppy Firsts, the first book in the Jessica Darling series, and was a bit underwhelmed; Jessica spent so much time whining and, worst of all, being very judgmental and do quite a bit of slutshaming. The story itself probably would have interested me more if Jessica had been less… Jessica, I guess. As you can see, I’m still trying the second book, so hopefully it goes better for me.

Dreamland has been my least favorite Sarah Dessen book so far, mainly because of the romantic relationship. I knew it was about an abusive relationship – I mean, it says it right in the short summary on the copyright page – but, unlike similarly-themed Stay by Deb Caletti, I had a lot more trouble dealing with the relationship before and after it became abusive. I was mostly skimming certain parts just to see what would happen with the relationship, but I was much more interested in seeing Caitlin’s relationships with her sister, her parents, and her best friend, none of which seemed to get enough screentime in my opinion.

This Lullaby was better for me; there were more secondary characters that I enjoyed and I liked the love interest, although I did have a bit of trouble with love-hating protagonist Remy, an unusual name that unfortunately isn’t explained like another unusual name (Auden from Along for the Ride) has been in a Dessen book.


Wanderlove UnravelMe LikeMandarin TigerLily SavageBlue GraveMercy IfIShouldDie MindGames Scarlet

So, how did my amazingly small to-read stack blow up in a week? I’m getting ready to go on vacation after this week, much of which will be spent in the car driving, so I want to have plenty of books to read. I have a combination of physical books and ebooks and even an audiobook, which I never use but want to try out for the trip.


MyLifeNextDoor SecondChanceSummer

More contemporaries! I feel the need to read some good, old-fashioned, could-never-possibly-happen paranormal books soon, but I keep seeing great things about these summer YAs, and I hope to either read them during the summer season as well, next summer when I have little to no Sarah Dessen books to try out, or sometime in between when I want a reminder of what not being in school is like.


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