Monthly Rewind: June


Most Popular Song On My iPod: Zedd ft. Foxes – Clarity

This song has been pretty popular on the radio lately and it was free on iTunes at least a month ago and I got it then, so I’ve been listening to it when it comes on the radio and I’ve been listening to it on iTunes at least a few times. Amazingly, I haven’t grown tired of it yet, and I tend to get tired of songs always on the radio easily.

Top Books Read

1. The Diviners (Libba Bray) I’m a big Libba Bray fan, and I’m glad to say that that hasn’t changed after finally getting my hands on the first book in her new series.

2. Lock and Key (Sarah Dessen) My second Sarah Dessen book is now one of my top Dessen books along with last month’s The Truth About Forever.

3. Just One Day (Gayle Forman) Gayle Forman’s newest book didn’t capture me quite as much as her If I Stay and Where She Went, but it was still another great book from her.

4. The Rising (Kelley Armstrong) All of Kelley Armstrong’s YA books have been the kind of books that I love no matter what and can easily ignore any problems. It might make it hard to write reviews for it, but it makes me really, really happy to read them. I know they aren’t perfect, but they’re the type of books that I almost don’t notice the problems, and those are really the best type of books. (review coming soon)

Books I’m Excited About


I’m finally reading this, via my library’s online collection. I was quite surprised, however, when I opened it up on my computer to find that I had checked out The Complete Jessica Darling Series, which means I now have about 1500 pages worth of Jessica Darling adventures to read. Hopefully I like them since I won’t have to wait for the next book at all! Anyway, this is a popular book series in the YA community, so I hope I feel the same way. Please be on Ruby Oliver level, or at least near it!

Upcoming Releases I’m Excited About

Unfortunately, while there are upcoming releases in July that I want to read, there aren’t any that I’m really excited about. That doesn’t mean they won’t all be great, but I haven’t heard enough about them and not many come from authors I already know I like.

A Goal for July

I’m going to try Camp NaNoWriMo (again), although this time I’m going to be smarter and try for a 30,000 word count, which means roughly 1,000 words a day, which seems quite doable. Please work out for me this time!


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