All the Books (48)




Finally reading this! I’m not very far into it because it’s on my Nook/computer, and my Nook froze up when I was out yesterday so I couldn’t read it and I’ve been doing other stuff when I was on the computer. So far, it’s interesting enough, although once again I was surprised to find that it seems like it might be written in the form of Jessica’s journal, but it isn’t bothering me so much. Really, other than a recent case of slutshaming toward her “friends,” it’s pretty decent so far and I hope to end up a fan like everyone else seems to be.


9780142415566_AlongForTheR_CV.indd DarkStar MadnessUnderneath

Although it started out a bit rocky and it hasn’t joined my list of favorite Sarah Dessen books (so far that honor belongs to The Truth About Forever and Lock and Key), I really did end up enjoying my fourth Sarah Dessen book. Once again, I really loved it when past characters and locations made quick cameo appearances, and I’m sure I would have found even more if I had read all of her books. I was a bit unsure how I would feel about Dark Star after reading middling reviews for the most part, but it ended up being a mostly enjoyable and fast read for me, which is always nice. And, with The Madness Underneath, I seem to be on a bit of a roll – it’s my fifth DNF of the year. This could be seen as a bad thing, but I’m actually a bit proud of myself, since it seems like I’m getting better at realizing that a book isn’t for me so that I stop putting myself through book that just doesn’t interest me. The story and secondary characters seemed interesting, but over a third of the way through the book nothing was really happening and MC Rory wasn’t interesting – in fact, she was downright annoying a lot of the time – and everytime I tried to pick it up again, I sort-of kind-of dreaded it, which isn’t a good sign. Yet another book that just isn’t for me, and may be a sign that Maureen Johnson isn’t really for me either.


9780142401750_Dreamland_CV.indd IfIShouldDie

I only added one book this week! Although, there are technically four books that should also be here – the Sloppy Firsts ebook that I got is actually part of a full Jessica Darling collection, which means that I have all four books left in case I decide I like the first book. Of course, only two books looks better, so I’m keeping it that way for now.


 YearofSecretAssignments BurnBright CherryMoneyBaby GoodbyeRebelBlue NantucketBlue PromiseofAmazing ToAlltheBoysIveLovedBefore

I don’t know why I added so many books this week, especially since none of them are from this week’s TTT, which is top books of 2013 so far, which seems like something that would inspire me to go crazy adding books on Goodreads. Almost all of these books are contemporary books, a sign that I’m really starting to read more contemporary and standalone books than I used to a few years ago. The Year of Secret Assignments and Burn Bright are both sequels to books I’ve already read and enjoyed, but the rest are from authors that I’ve never read before, so we’ll see how that goes.


2 thoughts on “All the Books (48)

    1. It sounds like it could be a really cute read, even though it’ll probably still make me sad – no matter how little a character is, I still get sad when someone dies!

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