Spring 2013 Round-Up & Summer 2013 TBR

Time to recap the books from Fall 2012, Winter 2013, and Spring 2013 that I’ve read since the last recap, as well as a new batch of TBR books for Summer of 2013. It’s not an exact copy of my Summer TBR that I posted yesterday for Top Ten Tuesday since I don’t want to repeat books.

Fall 2012 and Winter 2013: Books I Finally Read

Diviners Foretold Boundless SometimesItHappens ShadesofEarth FridaySociety MeantToBe Nevermore

Wow, I hadn’t realized that I had read so many of my TBR books in the past few months. There were both disappointments and new possible favorite books, so not too bad overall. And I feel accomplished now.

Spring 2013: The Books I Read

JustOneDay Delirium OutoftheEasy PivotPoint PerfectScoundrels FixingDelilah

Wow, I read over half of the books. Pretty proud of myself. Except for Delirium, which ended up being a DNF, all of these books were 4 stars and higher, which is pretty great for me. Here’s to hoping that the streak continues with the rest of my TBR books.

Winter & Spring 2013: The Books I Still Need To Get To

EnchantedIvy MindGames BeforeIFall UnravelMe VampireAcademy SloppyFirsts GraveMercy

Hmm, not bad – last time the “still needs to be read” list had 11 books. These are mostly older books, which is always nice when you want to get your hands on later books in the series or other books by the author. I’m not looking forward to Mind Games as much since I’ve heard some less-than-great things about it, but I’m mostly hopeful for all the rest.

Summer 2013: TBR List

LikeMandarin Wanderlove JustListen 9780142501559_ThisLullaby_CV.indd WildAwake Golden RulesForDisappearing TheDisenchantments TigerEyes Outcast

Now for more books! There are plenty of older books here, but there are also quite a few new books because I’m starting to run out of older books! Like Mandarin is the only book that’s been on my to-read shelf for a long time, so it’s mostly here to remind myself to finally get to it. Since some of these books are new and coming out just this summer, it might be harder to get my hands on them without buying them, something I don’t have the money to do whenever I want to, so we’ll see how well things end up come October or so…


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