Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is a “Freebie,” but I decided to take an old TTT that I did before switching to WordPress. It’s the same choices and the same basic explanations, but I went a step further, as you’ll see, and I figure not many people would have seen it anyway. The topic was Top Ten Books I’d Like to See on TV or something along those lines…


Even though this only one book and not a series, I think this would be so interesting if it were a short show on cable or something, with only a few episodes in a few seasons, or even just a nice, long miniseries, thus – The Miniseries Event on HBO! HBO has plenty of miniseries if I remember correctly and I think it would have the kind of budget that would make this even cooler.

Anyway, the book – it’s about a bunch of beauty queens stranded on a desert island, trying to survive all while dealing with a corporate business. There are a lot of characters whose pov we read from, plus even more who aren’t really fleshed out but could possibly be if they were characters on a TV show. Plus, they could always add some things to the middle of the story to make it longer. God, now I want this to be a TV show really badly…


The CW is going to show up a lot on this list – after all, it tends to have teenager-aimed shows and plenty of TV versions of YA books. Anyway, they have a spy show, Nikita, so this could fit in well as well.

This series isn’t over yet (there’s to be a sixth and final one), but once it’s done, it could certainly be an interesting show. It’s about a boarding school for girl spies, with loads of secrets and missions and interesting characters. It gets darker as the series goes on, but it also gets more complex and interesting, something that would be nice to see in a TV show. Each book could potentially be stretched out into a season each, if they were short, but there could also be two books to a season to make it shorter. Either way, spies are always interesting to watch!


And what better to go with Gallagher Girls than Ally Carter’s other series, Heist Society? It’s just thieves instead of spies!

This series isn’t finished either (there are currently three books but there could always be more), but each book so far has been fairly self-contained, so it could easily span as many episodes and seasons as writers can come up with interesting stuff to happen. A group of teenage criminals could be evolved further if they were TV characters, and they’re already quite interesting in just three books.


Sure, HBO has a vampire series, but I think this book would be more on par with The Vampire Diaries, which happily resides at the CW.

I recently (well, when I first came up with this TTT) read the second book in this series, and it reminded me of how interesting this idea is. It would be nice to see Jessica’s life as a regular girl, then her life dealing with Lucius being around, then finding out about being a vampire, and then adjusting to life as a vampire princess. There’s plenty that could be milked out of just these two books, especially beyond where the second book ends – I mean, how interesting would it be to see the inside workings of a vampire hierarchy? It’d be a slightly different perspective than the various vampire shows already on the air.


I went with Showtime because that was the home of The Tudors, which, while much more adult than this book, reminds me of this series – of course, they could make it more adult, which is always a great way of getting more viewers – sex sells, after all.

Anyway, the site who I got this particular topic from (Ten Cent Notes) listed this as one of her choices, and I agree that it would be interesting to see played out on TV. I haven’t read the last book yet (since writing this, I did), but there’s plenty of drama, interesting characters, and various problems that they have to deal with to fill a TV show. Plus, it’s about the Gilded Age, an interesting period that doesn’t seem to be reflected by TV shows much – there are medevial settings, Prohibition era, and the ’50s/’60s, to just name the first that come to mind, but I haven’t really heard about any shows that take place at the turn of the last century.


I’m not a fan of The Walking Dead, but I think it’d be pretty similar to this series, so its home station could be a good choice.

I haven’t read the recently-released sixth book, but these uber-long, huge pov cast books certainly have the potentional to be an involved and interesting TV show. It starts after everyone over the age of 14 disappears, and it’s basically a survival story for the children left behind. It’s definitely a dystopian story, and all the disturbing parts and violence make me think I might not be able to watch it if it were a show, but it certainly seems like it could work as a TV for fans of stuff like The Walking Dead and other frightening and gritty TV shows.


I think HBO is a good bet for a large budget that’ll help bring some of the crazy magic and fantasy in this book alive. Kind of like Game of Thrones, only more modern and realistic (well, set in our world rather than a fantasy, old-fashioned kingdom).

This would probably be kind of hard to bring to the silver screen, what with all its magical elements, subtle UK-ish humor, Ireland location, and a talking skeleton for a main character, but if it were it would be awesome. It’s one of my favorite series, and I’d mostly be worried that they would ruin it, but if they managed to portray it in a good way that remains pretty faithful to the books (even if that means including some of the gruesome fight scenes – how are these in books that could be aimed at MG audiences as well?), I would be so obsessed with this show.


Now, NBC hasn’t been doing well lately in the ratings and having-new-shows-that-don’t-completely-tank departments, but they still have the amazing show Parenthood, and I think this show could be a nice match. Plus, I wanted to come up with something other than the CW.

I read this series near the beginning of this year (now last year) and loved it. If this were turned into a show, it would probably be a character-driven show more than anything else, but how is that a bad thing? Ruby is so interesting and her life manages to have plenty of drama to fit a TV show aimed at teenage girls, as well as adults who remember the craziness of high school with fondness (at least, now that it’s over for them). I definitely want to reread these books sometime in the future, and wouldn’t mind watching it as well.


Again, high-budget and fantasical-creature-friendly HBO seems like a good fit. Hmm, HBO is showing up here as much as the CW…

I love this series, but at times it can be kind of confusing. There are plenty of characters to remember and I didn’t read every book one right after the other, so sometimes I forgot what had happened before. If this were a TV show, though, I might be able to understand it a bit better, which would make it that much more awesome. Plus, it’s about a bunch of crazy Faerie courts – how would that not be an interesting show?


Wow, I already forgot why I thought Showtime would be a good fit for this. Give me a moment – oh, I think it was because of Homeland. I haven’t seen Homeland and I know it’s not exactly like The Mockingbirds, but I think the underground system of justice and such could be similar, just taking place at a boarding school.

This could be such an interesting show (I know, I’ve said that about everything, but that’s the point of this list!) – it’s about an underground vigilante-esque student group that protects the students in a way that the administration refuses to. There may only be two books, but there are so many other situations that could be explored in a TV show, different cases involving issues not necessarily addressed in the series but that would fit in. They could write about cases mentioned in the books that aren’t actually featured. No matter what, this is a series that could appeal to a lot of people, not just YA readers.

I thought this would be a really hard list to make, but although it took some searching, it wasn’t really difficult to find ten books/series I’d want to see as TV shows. It was also kind of fun trying to think of the best stations for these shows. Needless to say, I’m now pretty sad that none of these books/series are TV shows…


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Freebie

    1. I normally don’t like TV adaptations of books because they change things so much, but I think a TV version of Ally Carter’s book could stand on their own pretty well and I could enjoy both separately. I kind of wish I had chosen a different topic for the Freebie because now I want all these shows!

    1. The Gone books as a TV show would probably be the type of show where I have to watch behind my fingers most of the time because I wouldn’t want to see the gore, but I would totally watch it. Ally Carter’s series would be much easier to watch without worrying about scary children that I can’t believe are all younger than me.

  1. Great idea for a post! When I first opened your page, I totally believed that Beauty Queens was coming to HBO and was so excited! Sadly, not true — but good job making me think so! Nice list.

    1. Sorry for getting your hopes up, I’m definitely sad that these aren’t real TV shows after coming up with them all! Now we just need to get the execs at HBO to get excited about an amazing Beauty Queens miniseries…

  2. Great list, I would love to see Gallagher Girls and Heist Society as tv series but I always kind of hoped it would air USA network because they handle their shows better and they already have shows about spies and con artist so it kind of fits but I know realistically it would air on CW but I don’t if I trust that network anymore.

    1. Oh, I didn’t even think of USA, but that does have some similar shows. I watch a few shows on the CW that I love, but then again those aren’t shows that are based on books I like – I might feel a bit different if they did adapt GG or HS and changed them into soapier shows.

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