Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books When You Need Something Light and Fun


ShesSoMoney WestingGame TTYL HarryPotter1 Mediator1 HeistSociety AllAmericanGirl MagicorMadness Secrets1 SleepawayGirls

1. She’s So Money (Cherry Cheva)

Not going to say anything about this one because I feel like I’ve already said everything – a fun, quick read that I need to read again.

2. The Westing Game (Ellen Raskin)

Again, I just really love this book and have already said a lot about it – just look for some old posts to get a better idea why, other than the overall awesomeness of this book.

3. TTYL (Lauren Myracle)

I’m pretty annoyed with “text speak,” but I still love this IM-format book, with its frank look at high school and teenage girls – which is why it’s often banned, which makes it even cooler.

4. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (J.K. Rowling)

It’s Harry freaking Potter! And it’s the first book, when things are much simpler (not that I don’t like the later books, but this book is a lot better if you want a quick and fun book).

5. The Mediator Series (Meg Cabot)

This tends to be my go-to summer quick read. I might take a break from it this summer just because I have so many books to read and I’ve practically memorized it, but this humorous and fun series will always be a go-to series for me.

6. Heist Society (Ally Carter)

Even though the first book in the Gallagher Girls series is pretty light, the series overall is much darker than her Heist Society books, and they’re pretty self-contained, so it’s a little easy to just pick one up and start reading it if you want a nice, quick book.

7. All-American Girl (Meg Cabot)

I haven’t read this book in a while, but I remember enjoying it and I want to reread it for a quick summer read. I think most early Meg Cabot books can work for a quick, fun read, but this is one (along with The Mediator) that comes to mind quickly.

8. Magic or Madness (Justine Larbalestier)

I’m not sure if everyone will find this a “light and fun” read, but I like just rereading this trilogy whenever I feel like it. It’s a cool look at magic and Australia (I seriously need to read more books about Australia – really, more books not about America), even if it gets kind of weird in the last book.

9. Secrets of My Hollywood Life (Jen Calonita)

I first read this when I was in middle school (most of these books were probably read in middle school), so that’s probably one reason I find the series pretty light, but overall it’s just a quick but funny look at Hollywood. The books can be a bit over the top sometimes, but isn’t that the fun of “light and fun” books?

10. Sleepaway Girls (Jen Calonita)

From the same author, this is a standalone book that’s perfect for a quick summer read because it’s – you guessed it – about sleepaway camp! Now, I never went to sleepaway camp; I went to Girl Scout camp for a few years when I was little, but that was day camp and my mom volunteered there as well, so it’s definitely not on the same level. This book doesn’t necessarily make me want to sleep away at camp for a couple of months, but it makes me want to tag along for a day or two; and, in the meantime, I can just read about the “fun” of sleepaway camp.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books When You Need Something Light and Fun

  1. Great list. All American Girl and Heist Society are really awesome fun books. In fact, I think almost anything by Meg Cabot would be good for this topic.

    1. Yeah, I think Meg Cabot would fit this category very well, especially her earlier ones. If I didn’t have so many books to read already, I would go read one of hers right now.

    1. They really are! Even the later Gallagher Girls books are, though they’re a bit darker than the first books – in the best way possible, of course. Love her books.

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