Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me Pick Up or Buy A Book


I never really dreamed of being a spy, but I always loved watching movies about them (obsessed with Spy Kids when I was little) and that love has continued, through books, movies, and TV. It’s just so cool reading about these spies running around trying to be all sneaky and interesting and all the fun of espionage. Whether it’s serious or silly – Get Smart is a great TV show to watch for silly spy hijinks – I like reading about spies.

This kind of goes along with spies, because I tend to like them for the same reason, only they’re on the other side of the law. I love reading about elaborate cons and con artists tend to be quite charismatic, which makes for interesting characters.

This is almost the same as con artists. Thieves aren’t always as smooth as con men (and women), but they can be just as interesting to read about and can have just as elaborate plans.

I love a great book that makes you laugh. I love a great book with British humor even more, which is why I used the British spelling. One of my favorite things about the Skulduggery Pleasant books is the British humor, which is more wry and seems like it’s trying less hard than American humor sometimes seems. I’m not the type who laughs out loud while reading or watching TV, even if I do find something funny, but books that make me smile while reading are great in my book.

Now, I’m not a huge fan of fairy tale retellings, because I often get annoyed with how they retell the fairy tales, but I do love fairy tales overall. I grew up with a few fairy tale books, including a really old one that’s falling apart and my mom probably shouldn’t have given to me since small children aren’t exactly known for being careful but I am so glad she did sorry I’ll stop rambling now. Anyway, loved fairy tales when I was little, still love Classic Disney movies even though they water down most fairy tales and I love reading all the classic fairy tales even if I’ve already read a slightly similar version.

I love mysteries. I was never really a Nancy Drew girl when I was little (well, not the original – I read a lot of young Nancy Drew mysteries, can’t remember the series’ name), but I love mysteries. I love trying to figure out the culprit, even though I rarely ever get it right. My family watches tons of mysteries, from the amazing Sherlock to Miss Marple to Murder, She Wrote, and I love reading about mysteries as well. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Jessi Kirby’s Golden lately, and one of the first things that drew me to it was the fact that it includes a mystery (haven’t read it yet, but I have high hopes).

I live in a fairly small town – not small enough that you know everyone, but small enough that it rarely shows up on maps unless they’re quite detailed and zoomed in. I wish I lived in a small town with scandalous secrets and people, but since I don’t, I like to pretend I do sometimes by reading about them. I love it when the town itself almost seems like a character of its own.

I have a sister, and I love her and fight with her and laugh with her and all those things you do with a sister. As a result, I love to read about other groups of sisters, whether a contemporary book that focuses on their relationship or a paranormal one that includes an interesting dynamic – sisters are awesome, even when we kind of hate each other (because we always secretly love each other anyway).

Oops, misspelled dysfunctional – oh well, you should be able to figure out what it is. Anyway, this goes along with the sisters a bit – I love reading about interesting family dynamics, and how much more interesting can you get than a dysfunctional one? Yay for messy but (hopefully) ultimately loving families!

College is a big change in people’s life, so I love reading YA books about it. I haven’t tried any New Adult books because it sounds like they’re more about people having sex who happen to be in college – I want the college aspect to be the focus, or a big focus, not the relationship between a Mary Sue and the guy she should throw a restraining order at.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make Me Pick Up or Buy A Book

  1. #7 is on my list, too. I live in the boring suburbs now, but I grew up in a tiny little town, so I just love them. They’re fun to visit, fun to read about, just fun for me. Of course, they’re much more exciting in fiction than in fact, but whatever! I love books set in small towns.

    1. Small towns are definitely interesting – I would love to write stories about my town and make it way, way more interesting that it is right now.

  2. I love your list! Especially 1-4. Each one brought to mind a favorite book/series: Gallgher Girls, Curse Workers, Heist Society, anything E. Lockhart…I used to love mysteries when I was younger, but find that I struggle to pick the perfect mystery as an adult reader. I tend to read from the adult section when I need a mystery. Any recommendations for awesome YA mysteries? Send them my way!

    1. Yeah, those were some of the series I was thinking of when I wrote it – love those series. I actually can’t think of any mysteries off the top of my head – this is why we need more mysteries, so it’s easier to think of some! Usually I just read books that happen to have mysteries included, which is what Golden sounds like – YA doesn’t really seem to have a lot of purely mystery books, other than Nancy Drew, if you consider that YA.

  3. I couldn’t agree more with 7-9! I love reading about small town secrets, having grown up in a small town and knowing what it’s like for everyone to have their secrets that somehow always manage to get leaked! I love reading about siblings, but especially sisters since it generally reminds me of how much I love mine! And dysfunctional families, especially when they manage to show how much they care for each other regardless of how much they’ve got going on, always warm my heart!

    1. Exactly, I just love how complex the dynamics can be with small towns, sisters, and dysfunctional families – you can take common clichés and turn them into complicated characters and stories. Now I want to go read a book about a small town with a dysfunctional family and the sisters in it.

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