All the Books (39)

* Sorry I’ve been slightly MIA and that this is a day late – first I was a bit busy, then I wasn’t feeling very well, so I’m just now getting this up.



TheArchived LightningThief

I started The Archived a few days ago and it’s been slightly slow for me, so I also started my reread of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I wanted to reread it before I started the spin-off series, The Heroes of Olympus (I think – can’t remember for sure), and I got all three books at the library and want to make sure I have time to read them all before they’re due back, so I’m reading Percy Jackson at home in my free time and The Archived out in public, when I’m waiting for classes to start and other things. I’m sure that’ll stretch The Archived out a lot longer than it would normally be, but oh well.


FixingDelilah Delirium Everbound

Another uneven reading week. I definitely ended up enjoying Fixing Delilah a lot more than the other Sarah Ockler books I’ve read, and, while I didn’t absolutely love it, it has certainly made me more optimistic about future Ockler books.

As for Delirium, I got a little more than halfway through and decided to stop. Yep, my second DNF book in two weeks. Was it a bad book? No – it just wasn’t the book for me. It’s reminded me why I don’t really like dystopians much. Again, not a bad book, just not the book for me and it was so long (not as long as Nevermore, but still 400+ pages) that I didn’t want to force myself to finish it.

There were times that I wanted to DNF Everbound as well – I wasn’t a big fan of the first book at all, but I wanted to see if it improved after reading a favourable review. While I don’t think it really improved – most, if not all, of the problems that I had with the first book remained in the second – it went much faster than some of the less-impressive books I’ve read have been going. It was shorter, around 350 pages, I believe, which is part of the reason that I didn’t want to stop without finishing it. And, while I didn’t enjoy it, I did slightly get wrapped up in the book near the middle or so. Then came the ending – I hated it, although not for the reason you might think. No, it wasn’t because it was an awful ending that totally negated any slightly positive feelings I might have toward the book – it’s because the ending threw out a twist that has me, despite my better judgment, kind-of sort-of wanting to reading the third and final book when it comes out next year. Darn it.


SeaofMonsters TitansCurse BattleoftheLabyrinth LastOlympian LostHero SonofNeptune MarkofAthena TheGathering TheCalling TheRising

In addition to rereading Percy Jackson and reading all the currently-released books in The Heroes of Olympus series (not sure how many books there will be in the end), I also bought the last book in the Darkness Rising series and plan on rereading the first two books before reading it. So many books to read, and during such a busy time of the year!



I was quite excited to see a new book coming out from Adrienne Kress, the author of Friday Society, which I read and really enjoyed recently. This involves angels and other craziness and sounds like something I might want to check out even if it wasn’t by Kress. Hopefully this book proves that Kress is an author that I want to continue to check out in the future.


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