All the Books (38)




This is my third Sarah Ockler book, the last of the ones already released (she has a new one coming out this year or next year, can’t remember for sure when). I didn’t really like her first (or second, not sure, but it was the first one I read) book, Twenty Boy Summer, but I started to slightly warm up to her with Bittersweet. Now I’m reading this book about mother-daughter relationships and secrets, which sounds the most promising. No mention of boys in the premise – not that I’m against romance in YA books, of course, I’m just starting to get wary of books that focus too much on them in the synopsis when it’s obvious that the main point of the story is supposed to be about something else – and that makes me slightly hopeful. I’m only a few chapters in and I am a bit intrigued, but we’ll see how well it goes.


OutoftheEasy Nevermore MeantToBe

This week has been a pretty mixed bag. It started off with the end of Out of the Easy, which was amazing and quickly became one of my favorite books of the year so far.

Unfortunately, my reading week kind of went downhill after that. I spent most of the week kind of forcing myself to read Nevermore; finally, on Friday, around page 320ish (aka, over half of the book and a length that’s longer than some YA books out there), I decided I was done with it. I almost never DNF books, but I was feeling very productive that day (I had dropped a TV show earlier that week that I was also just forcing myself to watch and had reorganized my desk – strange things make me feel productive, but whatever) and decided that I had plenty of other books that I want to read, so I shouldn’t force myself to read such a long book. And, just to make it clear, this wasn’t necessarily a bad book. You’d be surprised at how well I can force myself to finish books that make me furious – it’s kind of a problem. I didn’t hate this book and I know that many people love it, I just didn’t care for it. This is definitely a case of “It’s not you, it’s me.” Since I had read over half of it, which is still the equivalent of a decent-size book, I’m still counting it for my year-long count and I plan on writing a review explaining why exactly I didn’t finish it.

As for Meant to Be, I wasn’t really a fan of it either, but it was shorter and didn’t bore me quite as much, so I finished it. I liked it more for the slightly-a-jerk-but-way-more-fun-than-the-protagonist love interest that is only acknowledged as a love interest in the last fifty pages or so but you know is the endgame. I have multiple minor problems with this book, but I’ll explain them in the review.


Delirium Everbound

The pile is getting smaller! These are the less-excited-for-books I have, but considering how the more-excited-for books have turned out, maybe these books will end up wowing me instead. Or they could continue my productive-mood of DNFing books – we’ll just have to wait and see.

That’s it for this week. I haven’t added any new books to my to-read shelf and I haven’t seen any new covers of books I want to read – hopefully next week will be better on that front.


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