All the Books (37)




I just started this this morning and I’m already almost done with it. I came into this knowing that it had gotten good reviews but unsure whether it was really the book for me, but I am loving it. I can’t wait to see how it ends but at the same time I’m sad that it’s almost over. Definitely checking out her future work, just not sure about her debut, because it involves World War II, which is a very, very sad topic.


HeistSociety UncommonCriminals PerfectScoundrels

This past week has been devoted to the Heist Society series. I reread the first two books and then read the latest one, which came out last month. It was comforting and fun to reread the first two books and the third was just as great. There was one point when I was a bit mad at the story, but in a good way that meant I was quite emotionally invested, and it luckily didn’t steer me wrong. I really hope there are more Heist Society books in the future – it’s an open-ended series as of now, so it all depends. I really want to learn more about some of the more secondary characters, so I need more books!


Nevermore FixingDelilah Delirium Everbound

I got a couple more books at the library, but the pile still shrank thanks to the reading I got done while spending hours in a car this past week. I’m not overly excited about reading any of these books, but they’re all mostly books I’ve placed on various TBR lists, if I remember correctly. So, in the next couple of weeks, I’ll be starting two new series, continuing another, and reading a standalone. Two paranormal (I think Nevermore is paranormal, anyway – haven’t read the summary in a while), a dystopian romance, and a contemporary. We’ll see how they all turn out…



I saw something about this on Entertainment Weekly‘s website – it’s written by a writer on various sitcoms and is about a bit of a spoiled girl who gets kicked out of her private school and has to deal with public school. Sounds like it could be interesting…


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