All the Books (36)




I’m rereading the first two Heist Society books in preparation for reading the third book, which came out in February I believe and that I bought a few weeks ago. I’m about a third through it and enjoying it like always.


Private11 Private12 Foretold

Remember how I said I was just having fun reading the craziness of Private and didn’t care that they aren’t amazing? Well, I’m starting to re-evaluate that assessment after Vanished, where (SPOILER) a person is “kidnapped” and there are absolutely no repercussions and the book ends with the possible introduction of magic in a setting that has been completely realistic for TWELVE books so far. There are only two more books and I think I’ll go ahead and read them when I can but, but there’s definitely more skimming than I did with the earlier books. As for Foretold, the series definitely didn’t entertain me as much as the first book did when I was a younger and less experienced blogger and thus reader, in a way, and the author was way too cheesy with the romance and throwing around words like “lover” and “special joining” or whatever, but still a decent ending that kept me interested throughout.


UncommonCriminals PerfectScoundrels OutoftheEasy Nevermore Everbound

Yep, I went to the library again. I’m going to finish rereading/reading the Heist Society books and then I plan to get started on my bigger-than-it-would-seem-stack-because-Nevermore-is-huge, which shouldn’t be too hard because I’m going to be stuck in a car for many, many hours later this week. I’m slightly uneasy about Out of the Easy, just because I don’t always seek out historical books even though I normally like them, but not too worried; plus, I think it counts as a Sophomore Book, so yay! Nevermore looks really freaking long but I’ve heard enough good things that I want to at least try it, plus I want to be able to cross it off of one of my seasonal TBR lists. And even though I didn’t like Everneath, I’ve heard some good things about Everbound (although it comes from people who liked Everneath), so I decided to give it a shot. Plus, it’s definitely a Sophomore Book and I need more of those.


HoldMeCloserNecromancer SinceYouAsked

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer was actually recommended to me on my Top 10 Tuesday, which was about books I recommend, which is kind of ironic, but it sounds interesting and possibly something I might like, so I want to check it out. Thanks, Megan! And Since You Asked is an interesting-sounding debut and you can never have enough debuts, so, here it is! I swear, every week I think I’m going to go the whole time without making my to-read list longer, I always add at least one near the end. One of these weeks I won’t have anything to add, but it seems like it’ll be a while…


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