All the Books (35)




I’m finally finishing this series. Well, there are still two more books I need from the library after the next book I have, but I’m determined to finish it as soon as possible. This is a series that I read when I was younger, and while I definitely think I enjoyed it more back then, this series still entertains me enough to finish it up. It’s not particularly amazing literature or anything, and there are plenty of stereotypes and such, but I don’t care. It’s kind of a cotton candy series, only no where near as delicious. Wow, I feel like it’s coming out really negative, but that’s not what I want to say. Whatever. I like the series and want to finish it.


PivotPoint SometimesItHappens Private9 Private10

Yay, lots of books this week! That’s because the Private books are pretty short and quick to read through. Overall, a decent-but-not-great week for reading. I didn’t love Pivot Point as much as I wanted to, but it was definitely better than my first debut of the year (Blaze) and I liked it enough to see what happens in the second book. Sometimes It Happens has been on my to-read list for ever (okay, just two years, but that’s kind of a long time) and, while I’m glad I finally got to it, I wasn’t very impressed with it. I just wrote a long-ish review for it, but that won’t be out until about April (I am very behind on my reviews, but I’ve started writing them soon after I finished the book and scheduling them so I don’t forget what I want to say), so this is the gist: the characters irritated me for the most part. Oh, and main character Hannah has a weird obsession with food and is always complaining that she’s going to get fat and such. It kind of (scratch that – really) made me uncomfortable and seemed like it was unconsciously (at least I hope it wasn’t intentional) saying that single girls can’t eat junk food because they need to be skinny or they won’t find another boy. Not a good message. And, for my thoughts on the Private series, just look at what I said above – they’re pretty crazy (crazy stalkers, stranded on a deserted island – when are we going back to the backstabbing of private prep boarding schools?) but I don’t care.


Private12 Foretold

Nothing’s been added but it’s definitely gotten smaller, and I will get the chance to go to the library next weekend, so it’ll probably get bigger, and if I can’t find anything at the library I have plenty of books I own that I want to reread (and I want to read the newest Heist Society book at some point, which I already bought, along with rereading the first two books). So, I’ve said plenty about these books, at least I think I have, since they’ve been sitting on my to-read shelf for a couple of weeks at this point. Anyway, I’m decently confident that I’ll have them read or will be reading them by week’s end.



Just one book this week. Well, this and Pivot Point #2, but that doesn’t have a cover yet. This is a contemporary that’s by the author of Pivot Point and is already coming out this summer. Sounds interesting enough, and I’m hoping author Kasie West’s writing will grow on me. We shall see…


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