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I’m less than halfway through this book and I’m not quite sure what I think of it quite yet. It’s a good enough book, but it seems more like a contemporary book focusing on romance and friendship and parental relationships and such rather than paranormal investigations. It’s cool when something shows up in one timeline that happened in the other one and it’s also interesting to see how the Paranormal society works, but it doesn’t feel completely like a paranormal book to me yet. I’m definitely interested to see what’s to come in the book, though, so I’m not thinking of giving up on it or anything.


OutofSightOutofTime SapphireBlue FridaySociety

This was a pretty good week, reading-wise. I read more than I thought I would – I knew this week would either be a lots-of-books-read week because of break or barely-any-books-at-all, also because of break. It was kind of in the middle for me. I really, really liked Out of Sight, Out of Time, even if it took me forever to finally read, and I cannot wait for the last book, even though I’m also kind of dreading the end. Sapphire Blue was alright, a decent second book in an alright trilogy, nothing too special. The Friday Society really took me by surprise, though – it was really, really fun to read. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, and there are definitely times where it seems slightly modern despite its turn-of-the-last-century setting, but I think that worked for this book. I’m kind of sad this isn’t a series, even though it ended well. I definitely want to check out future stuff from Adrienne Kress.


SometimesItHappens Private9 Private10 Private11 Private12 Foretold

My to-read list hasn’t changed too much, just gotten a bit smaller. I won’t be going to the library for a couple of weeks so hopefully I can work my way through my remaining stack.


EmeraldGreen WickedWithin

I technically added three books this week, but the sixth book in the Gallagher Girls series doesn’t have a cover or a summary or a release date yet, so I didn’t add it. There are actually plenty of books I add that don’t have covers yet, so they show up when their covers are released. Kind of random, but I just felt like clarifying that. Anyway, I decided I might as well read the last book in the Ruby Red trilogy, which is Emerald Green, as well as the last book in the Gods & Monsters book (sequel to Darkness Becomes Her and A Beautiful Evil). Pretty covers, decent books.


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