Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books On My Spring 2013 TBR List


Boundless ShadesofEarth MeantToBe FridaySociety JustOneDay Delirium OutoftheEasy PivotPoint PerfectScoundrels UnravelMe

1. Boundless (Cynthia Hand)

I still need to read this!! This is the last book in the Unearthly trilogy and I’m both excited and terrified to read it. I may have seen who Clara ends up with in the end because someone posted a quick review on Goodreads that actually said who she ended up with without trying to hide it or warn the reader, but I’m hoping it’s wrong – not because I don’t want her to end up with who she might end up with, but because I want it to be a surprise. Of course, the romance isn’t the only thing I care about – Clara’s journey is the most interesting thing that I can’t wait to read about.

2. Shades of Earth (Beth Revis)

This is also the last book in a trilogy. I didn’t really like the first book but really, really enjoyed the second book, so I hope that this book is really interesting and ends the series well. It involves a whole new world, which should certainly be interesting – or at least has the potential to be.

3. Meant to Be (Lauren Morrill)

This is a debut book from last year that I didn’t manage to get around to for my challenge. It just sounds like a cute little contemporary in London, which could be a nice way to spend a few yucky-weather spring days with.

4. The Friday Society (Adrienne Kress)

I believe this was another 2012 debut, and it sounds like it’s really good, so I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but haven’t been able to get it. I’ve read at least one review that was pleasantly surprised with it, so I that I’m pleasantly as surprised as well.

5. Just One Day (Gayle Forman)

I need to read this already! I’ve read more mixed reviews than for Forman’s If I Stay and Where She Went, but I’ve still seen enough good reviews to hope that I’ll enjoy it as well. It involves a college student, which is kind of rare in young adult books, plus it involves Europe. Two cool things in one book – hopefully it’s good as well.

6. Delirium (Lauren Oliver)

This series’ last book just came out this year (maybe even this month), and though I’ve heard some mixed things about the last book, I’ve heard some great things about the second book, and in order to get to the second I need (well, I want) to read the first book. It’s a dystopian with a romance-twist (love is outlawed or something like that), which doesn’t sound like my thing, but I still want to at least check it out.

7. Out of the Easy (Ruta Sepetys)

I’m not sure I want to read Sepetys’ first book, about Jews during WWII, but this book seems like it’s just as good and doesn’t involve such a sensitive and devestating thing as the Holocaust. It involves early 1900s (I think) New Orleans and a brothel or something along those lines. Certainly an interesting concept…

8. Pivot Point (Kasie West)

This is a 2013 debut that has gotten some good reviews and sounds like it could be interesting, even though I initially thought it didn’t sound like my kind of book.

9. Perfect Scoundrels (Ally Carter)

I already bought this, but I have some other books to get through before I reread the first two books in this series and read this one. So far Carter’s books have always kept me interested, and I hope this book will leave me satisfied the same way.

10. Unravel Me (Tahereh Mafi)

I was one of those people who thought that Mafi’s unusual writing style was pretty interesting and fresh, so I’m slightly excited to see where she goes with everything in this new book. I find the relationship between Juliette and Warner more interesting than Adam’s, but that doesn’t mean I want her to end up with him – I said he’s interesting to read about, not that he’s the type of guy you should end up with. I’ve also heard some things about a certain chapter that apparently sheds an interesting light on Warner, so I’m definitely interested to check that out.


6 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books On My Spring 2013 TBR List

  1. Love this list! I have Delirium on my list too and Shatter Me, two books that I can’t wait to read! I’m weirdly intrigued by The Friday Society. It doesn’t look like my kind of book at all but yet it looks really good so I definitely need to check it out! Also Out of the Easy is one book I have seen everywhere at the moment so I will definitely check it out! Great list hope you get round to reading some of these this spring 🙂

    Becca @ Lost in Thought

    1. I just got The Friday Society from the library recently, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to read it very soon. I wasn’t sure if it sounded like my kind of book either but I definitely want to check it out. And yeah, I hope that I can read all or most of them this spring…

  2. Out of the Easy seems perfect to me, and I really need to get my hands on a copy. I love New Orleans as a setting and think this is going to be such a great book!

    1. I haven’t read many books about New Orleans and have never been there, but it’s certainly an interesting setting to read about!

    1. Yeah, I’m definitely looking forward to those books. I looked at your list as well and saw quite a few debuts that I also want to get my hands on, and I loved how you had a Zits book on your list – I love comic strips, including Zits!

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