All the Books (33)




I’m finally reading it! It’s been out for at least a year but I waited to buy it when it was on paperback, which was just in January or so, and I had a few other books to read before I reread the first four books. I’m only a little bit in so far but I’m really enjoying it so far and anxious to see what happens…


IdTellYouILoveYouButThenIdHavetoKillYou CrossMyHeartandHopetoSpy DontJudgeAGirlByHerCover OnlyTheGoodSpyYoung

I’ve spent my week happily working my way through the Gallagher Girls series. I forgot how much I enjoyed this series and its many characters and adventures.


SapphireBlue FridaySociety SometimesItHappens Private9 Private10 Private11 Private12 Foretold

I got a few more books at the library this week, so my to-read stack isn’t getting too small yet, but hopefully I’ll have plenty of time to read thanks to spring break and being confined to my bed for at least a day or so. It’s probably either read or sleep, and I’m sure I won’t want to spend all my time sleeping…


AnnaandtheFrenchKiss LolaandtheBoyNextDoor IslaandtheHappyEverAfter

Now, it’s not that I don’t like these new covers, because I do enjoy how unique they are, especially for young adult covers, and how they focus on the locations rather than the boys like the first two partially did. It’s just that I don’t like changing covers, especially when a series is on its last book. Sure, it doesn’t matter as much if it’s only the second book, but now there are two covers that don’t match and it just irritates me when things randomly change. Having said that, though, I do kind of like these covers. I wasn’t sure at first, but they’ve begun to grow on me.


LostHero SonofNeptune MarkofAthena RedPyramid ThroneofFire SerpantsShadow LeapofFaith SchoolSpirits

At first I thought I wouldn’t have any new books added to my to-read shelf this week, but then I went on a bit of a mini-spree. I’ve been wanting to check out the other series of the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a series I really enjoyed when I was a little younger. I probably haven’t checked them out yet because I feel like they might be aimed at a slightly younger audience, but I really don’t care the more I think about it. I just want to see what happens with these mythological universes – after all, I’m obsessed with mythology, which can be a blessing or a curse with books that feature mythology. As for the other two books: Leap of Faith sounded interesting and might be a debut, I can’t remember for sure, so I added it; and School Spirits is a spin-off series of Hex Hall – at first, when I saw it I wasn’t sure I really felt like checking it out, but I think I should at least give it a shot since I enjoyed Hex Hall so much.


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