All the Books (30)



Mercy DeadandBuried

I started both of these yesterday; I started Mercy because I got it online from my library and it’s due back in the few days, and then I started The Dead and Buried because Mercy was on my computer and I wasn’t on my computer at the moment and my Nook wasn’t charged and I wanted something to read. So far, I’m over halfway through Mercy and am pretty unimpressed – it’s confusing me a lot, and I have two ideas of who the “bad guy” is, both of which seem painfully obvious to me. Either Rebecca Lim is tricking me and is good at doing so, or she’s not so great at subtly. Either way, I’m not really a fan of it and just want to finish it. I almost never DNF a book, and I don’t feel like breaking that for such a short book. As for The Dead and Buried, I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m enjoying it so far. I really like Kim Harrington’s Clarity books, though, so she has an advantage since I’ve already read books from her.


WildRoses SixRulesofMaybe

This week was a Deb Caletti week, but unfortunately I didn’t like these books as much as I’ve liked others from her. Both of the main characters seemed very judgmental and unpleasant, whether it was the snarky-to-the-point-that-she-seemed-to-hate-almost-everyone protagonist from Wild Roses or the apparently-nice-girl-who-seems-to-think-that-being-nice-entitles-her-to-stooping-in-everyone-else’s-life protagonist from The Six Rules of Maybe. The stories themselves were interesting enough to keep me going but the protagonist got on my nerves way, way too much. I’m still going to continue working my way through all of Caletti’s books, though, since I did have a lot of luck with her regarding Stay, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart, and The Secret Life of Prince Charming.



Only one book! I’m down to one book! Of course, I have plenty of books I own myself that I hope to get to but always seem to have too many library books to do so, and I can always get more e-books from the library, so I’m not too worried about having nothing to read after I read this book. This is an older book from an Australian author, if I recall correctly, and is another contemporary book. Since I haven’t really heard much about it, I’m not sure what to expect, which can be both a good and bad thing. We’ll see which one it is in this case…


ChaosoftheStars Infinityglass

There were actually new covers this week! I was so very, very excited when I saw new covers, but I’m not overly impressed with these covers. I don’t think they’re bad, necessarily, but they’re not amazing either – they’re more meh to me. It’s nice to see a non-pretty-girl-in-a-prom-dress or whatever for Kiersten White’s new book, which is about family issues (a family of Egyptian gods, that is), but I don’t know if it would catch my attention that much if I didn’t know anything about the book. As for the third book in Myra McEntire’s Hourglass series, the first thing I thought upon seeing this is: wow, she looks uncomfortable. I mean, all of the covers have involved something along these lines, but the first book had a girl with her head leaning forward and hair flying while the second had a girl hanging on and trying not to get blown away – not quite the same as being contorted on the ceiling. And, upon reading the summary, I’m worried this book is going to be from the point of view of Em’s best friend, Lily, who I liked in the first book but kind of annoyed me in the second. Oh well, I’ll probably at least check it out anyway.


YouLookDifferentinRealLife Everbound StormGlass SeaGlass SpyGlass DarkStar

This is a little longer than it would have been because I couldn’t get them into last week’s post – for some reason, my computer’s been really weird, and I can’t always post new images, which is why I wasn’t really around this past week. I’ve kind of figured out a way around it, but it’s not the most reliable, so I may not be around much again this week. Anyway, I mostly put the first two books in my to-read list because they’re sophomore books and I need more for my challenge. I know, I was not a fan of Everneath at all, but I’ve seen some really good reviews of the second book and I needed more sophomore books so I’m going to try it again, even though there’s a good chance I’ll hate myself for it. The Glass books are a companion trilogy to the Study series (Poison Study, Magic Study, Fire Study) that I just finished last week. Dark Star is a superhero-book-that’s-actually-about-demons-not-superheroes – I’ve heard some mixed things about it, but it sounds interesting enough so I decided to at least check it out.

Well, that’s it for this week. Hopefully I won’t be as absent this week, although my computer is making it difficult for me to know for sure…


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