All the Books (29)




I just started this a few days ago and am only a chapter in because I was reading another book. Not quite sure what to think of it since I’m not very far, but I’ve enjoyed most of Deb Caletti’s books that I’ve read so far, so not too worried.


Ash FireStudy

Ash was alright for me, but it’s not my new favorite book or anything. It just didn’t interest me as much as I hoped. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t great. I enjoyed Fire Study and was happy with the way it ended the series, but then I looked it up on Goodreads and saw that the author got a deal for three more books in the series, and I’m not too sure how I feel about that. I’ll definitely check it out and Snyder’s companion trilogy, but I’m not sure I want more books about Yelena, at least not yet.


SixRulesofMaybe FeelingSorryforCelia DeadandBuried

My to-read stack continues to dwindle, although I just got Kim Harrington’s latest at the library, which I’m excited about. It’s a different story than her two previous books, which focused on a girl with a supernatrual power, but I’m hopeful that this book will be just as interesting. It’s also a non-contemporary book – I think I’ve only read a small handful of non-contemporary books this year so far, which is pretty unusual for me. I’ve just been favoring contemporary lately, I guess.


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