Graphics Day (1)

I didn’t want to do another review today, but I didn’t really have anything else planned and I wanted to do something new that could also be a new feature here, and I randomly thought of: Graphics Day! What is this crazy new thing, you ask? Well, it’s a combination of new things I like: books (of course) and messing around with graphics design. I’m no pro by any stretch, but it’s always been something I like. I didn’t want to limit myself, so Graphics Day will involve any kind of book-related graphics, but in this case it involves banners of the Unearthly trilogy, both US covers and Australian covers (I couldn’t find a cover for the third book in the UK but I might do another one in the future when I find one), since the trilogy ended this month and I hope to read the last book soon. Feel free to use them for whatever, whether it’s to show your love for the series or something else. Please don’t hotlink the images (that means I’d prefer it if you saved the image on your computer and uploaded it yourself) and enjoy! If this is something you’d like to see again in the future, please let me know!



American Covers


Australian Covers

I know, not many, but, like I said, I’m not sure I’m going to do any more of these, so feedback is welcome! If I continue these, I’ll just do them whenever I have enough to show. If you have any requests for certain graphics, let me know (if so, though, please stick to books/series I like – you can check out my reviews or Goodreads page)!


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