Mission Accomplished & New Ratings

I’m done transferring old reviews! After a few weeks, I’ve finally transferred all the old reviews from my old LiveJournal. I don’t think I’m going to transfer all the other old posts, like All the Books and Top Ten Tuesdays, but I’m going to keep it around as an old archive, just in case anyone wants to check out the old posts. I still have old reviews to post, but they’re posts I never got the chance to post in the first place, so I’m going to release them like regular reviews.

With these new reviews, I’m going to start using my new set of ratings. In transferring my old reviews, I noticed how plenty of star ratings didn’t always match up to my true feelings about books. Sometimes I felt that they deserved higher star ratings, due to writing or the fact that lots of people loved them and I sometimes cave under pressure when it comes to rating, but my personal feelings aren’t quite the same. As a result, I’m going to use some word ratings. For the most part they’ll match up to a star rating equivalent, but in some cases it’ll change things slightly. I’ll still include the star ratings I use on Goodreads and that’s how I’m going to tag the reviews, but I’m going to focus on using the new word ratings.

Here are the ratings, with their basic star rating equivalents:

2.5stars 3stars 3.5stars 4stars 4.5stars 5stars

below 3 stars | 3 stars | 3.5 stars | 4 stars
4.5 stars | 5 stars

We’ll see how these ratings work out – I could always switch back to the old method, it just depends. In the meantime, enjoy the new and improved Reading Shelf, which I’m sure will continue to change over the next few weeks, at least a little.


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