Fall 2012 Round-Up & Winter 2013 TBR

I know fall was over a while ago, but before it began, in mid-August, I posted a Summer 2012 Round-Up with a Fall TBR List of ten books I wanted to read. I figure now is as good a time as any to check which books from the Summer 2012 and Fall 2012 TBR Lists I actually got to in the last half a year and end it with a Winter 2013 TBR List. Yay, books!

Summer 2012: Books I Finally Read

Endlessly Underworld Splendor

I finally read most of the books from my Summer TBR list. I was kind of disappointed with Underworld and Splendor but thought Endlessly was a pretty decent ending to the trilogy. I also decided to take Divergent off my TBR list – originally I just heard good things but it, but then I started hearing mixed-to-negative things and it was so long and it never showed up at the library and I’m getting a little fed up with dystopians, so I decided I should move on to other books that I thought I would like better.

Fall 2012: The Books I Read

BetweenYou&Me BrightYoungThings LiarSociety2 Starling GirlofNightmares Embers&Echoes

Wow, I actually read quite a few more than I expected. The top row mostly disappointed me, which is also sad, but the second row at least kept me entertained, which is quite a good thing. So, it shows how much my reading has been up-and-down lately.

Fall 2012: The Books I Still Need To Get To

OutofSightOutofTime Diviners TheList Foretold SapphireBlue

Out of Sight, Out of Time is the last one left over from the Summer TBR list, and the only reason I haven’t read it yet is because I haven’t been able to get my hands on it yet. At this point I might as well go ahead and buy it – I’ve waited for all the books to come out in paperback before buying them, but it comes out in paperback this month so I wouldn’t even have to wait. As for the rest, I’m going to continue looking for them at the library.

Winter 2013 TBR List

Boundless Bittersweet SometimesItHappens 13LittleBlueEnvelopes ShadesofEarth FridaySociety EnchantedIvy MindGames BeforeIFall Mercy MeantToBe Nevermore

This is a combination of books I’ve been meaning to get to for a while, older books that I’ve heard interesting things about so I want to check them out, and recent books that I’m interested to read. I’ll probably do a round-up post around March or April and we’ll see how many books I’ve read – hopefully it’ll be a good chunk, but I doubt it’ll be everything. Only time will tell…


2 thoughts on “Fall 2012 Round-Up & Winter 2013 TBR

    1. I just got Bittersweet at the library, so hopefully it’ll be good. And I love the Gallagher Girls series and can’t believe that I haven’t read the fifth book yet! I really hope to fix that soon…

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