FIVE Great Non-Debuts

This is an end-of-the-year challenge originally hosted by Adele of Persnickety Snark. The sixth and final topic is Five Great Non-Debuts; this wasn’t the original sixth topic, both from the official challenge and from my previous FIVE posts, but I always have trouble coming up with FIVE Hopes for YA and there are some great books I read that never really get my attention, so I decided to go with this for the last topic. These are books that weren’t debut or sophomore books and they mostly all came out pre-2012. Here they are, in no particular order…

ThisisNotaTest ScreamingSeason HowtoSaveaLife DrinkSlayLove TrialbyFire

1. This is Not a Test (Courtney Summers)

OK, this book hasn’t really been out of the spotlight on this blog (or the old one, anyone) in the past few weeks, but I really enjoyed it and wanted to include it on the list. I really like Summers’ second book, Some Girls Are, so pretend that it’s here as well. Neither book is happy but they are both emotionally impactful.

2. The Screaming Season (Nancy Holder)

I read the final book in the Possessions trilogy this summer and I thought it was a decently creepy end to the series. The books aren’t amazingly awesome but they are an enjoyable way to spend a week or two reading.

3. How to Save a Life (Sara Zarr)

Zarr really is a great writer, and even though I was a bit unsure at first, I ended up enjoying this book as well. Zarr’s books are always short but she manages to pack a lot into them. I was pretty happy with the ending – it seemed a little too neatly wrapped up, but it also ended slightly ambiguously, which made up for it for the most part.

4. Drink, Slay, Love (Sarah Beth Durst)

I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this book. The summary sounded decent enough, and it definitely had an interesting premise over all, but it also seemed unique in a way that might not be a good thing. Probably about halfway or so through the book, though, I was enjoying myself and I plan on checking out some of Durst’s future books.

5. Trial by Fire (Jennifer Lynn Barnes)

I read all of Barnes’ Raised by Wolves trilogy this year, and the second of the series was my favorite. It’s been a while, but I remember liking the circumstances of the book and the reigning in of the romance that I didn’t really care about. Overall, I think this series didn’t suffer from a sophomore/second book slump at all, but a superior sophomore/second book trend, which should totally be a thing.

Well, that’s it for this year’s (technically last year’s) FIVE challenge. Check again around this time for 2013’s six FIVE posts.


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