All the Books (24)


Time for the first instalment of All the Books, created by Ten Cent Notes, at the new location (although I decided to keep the number count from the old blog, which is why this is 24 and not 1)…



I recently bought the rest of the books in the Casson Family series and I’m finally rereading the whole series before reading the fifth book for the first time. The books are about a quirky British family, and even if they weren’t the books would probably still be delightfully charming. As is, these books are delightfully charming and quirky! And yes, I am reading MG books – it doesn’t happen often but it’s always nice to feel young and easily pleased by books.


BestNightofYourPatheticLife TwoWayStreet Cinder

Despite missing last week while I was working on transferring posts, I haven’t really read that many books. Break isn’t giving me as much reading time as I originally hoped. I think part of that has to do with the books I’m reading, though – I’ve been mostly stuck in a slump, especially when it comes to enjoying/not hating stories but being annoyed by the main characters. Mary of The Best Night of Your (Pathetic) Life irritated me but the idea of a senior scavenger hunt was interesting enough and Cinder‘s Cinder was kind of boring (and not smart at all – I figured out the “big reveal” in the fourth chapter, which was probably why I didn’t enjoy the book as much as I could, since I was practically yelling at Cinder the entire book for not figuring anything out). Two Way Street, meanwhile, was an enjoyable and fast enough read, but its age showed (it’s from five years ago, and life has apparently changed a lot in that time) and there was a little too much slut shaming/jokes about “sluts” for me to enjoy it completely. All in all, I needed to start rereading the Casson Family series since I know I enjoy those books.


IndigosStar PermanentRose CaddyEverAfter ForeverRose

Like I said, I rereading the whole series and then reading Forever Rose for the first time. Yay British quirkiness and books I already know I like!


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